Farm and Ranch Applications for Used Steel

Steel is an ideal material to purchase used because it is durable, rust and corrosion resistant, and structurally sound. Farmers can use tubing for sheds, fence posts, chicken coops, and field markers. Sucker rods, which are twenty-five feet in length, are perfect for gates, weather vanes, and support beams for equipment storage. Barns can be constructed, overhangs placed on porches and outbuildings, and harvesters can be personalized and unique. A roadside stand can even be built for very little money, adding to farm profits. Frames to secure crops during transport will reduce loss or damage, and steps or seating on machinery can increase safety during harvest.

Ranchers can build horse or cattle pens, pole barns, and fences. Custom hooks and hangers for saddles, blankets, feed, and horseshoes can suit specific needs and space limitations. Pick up truck racks, utility vehicle trailers, and troughs can be shaped as desired. Creativity with the sign that displays the name of the property will attract attention from passers-by. Storage sheds, stables, and shelter enclosures will last for decades, be custom built to accommodate particular animals, and can be polished or painted to suit preferences. Used steel tubing or pipes can help ranchers control overhead costs while meeting needs as they arise and engaging in expansion projects.

Steel is available new or used in multiple grades and lengths. Custom cutting is offered for convenience, and small or large quantities are sold to accommodate customers. Items can be picked up or delivered. In addition to farmers and ranchers, homeowners and artists are welcomed to browse the steel and accessories for individual projects or pieces. Pipe caps and cable clips may come in handy and are readily available as well. Those interested can call, stop by the lot, or visit Volume sales to oil field contractors, fencing companies, and other professionals translate to discounted pricing at all times. Compare pricing, service, and quality to get the best materials for that next project. Other services offered include forklift services, hydro-static testing for tubing and casing, and pipe rack rentals. The purchase and removal of tubing, piping, and pumping units from oil fields and drilling sites.